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3D AutoCAD Eccentric Reducers - Free

ANSI 16.9


Free AutoCAD 3D Pipe Fittings (Release 2000+). 

Have you ever tried drawing 3D Eccentric Reducers in AutoCAD?

They are not easy to create due to their awkward geometry.  To save time and effort use the Hercule 3D Eccentric Reducers Library. 

  • Stainless Steel Eccentric Reducers drawn to ANSI 16.9
  • Sizes range from 3/4" To 12"
  • AutoCAD solids drawn without internal diameters for users who prefer lower memory CAD models

These eccentric reducers are a sample taken from the full  3D Pipe Fittings Library

Click Here to download the US Imperial Eccentric Reducers

Click Here to download the US Metric Eccentric Reducers

(Size:- 400 kb)


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