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Mastering AutoCAD 2013 Bible

                       Mastering AutoCAD 2013

This book makes AutoCAD easy to learn from scratch, or just focus on what you need. It is extremely easy to use and follow. You could realistically learn the whole book in two solid days of reading.


3D AutoCAD - One Step At A Time

3D AutoCAD: One Step at a Time includes everything you’ll need to know to work productively in the 3-dimensional world of the world’s most popular design program. Sykes turns 3D AutoCAD into a fun learning experience! The 2007 text has been updated to include all the terrific new 3-dimensional tools AutoCAD has to offer (including animation)! Additionally, the eBook is in full color and is now printable!

AutoCAD 2013 For Dummies

Dummies AutoCAD Book

Topics discussed include creating a basic layout, drawing and editing, writing text in drawings, plotting, creating and editing an external reference file, CAD standards, and drawing on the Internet.
The writing style offers a gentle and humorous approach to the subject matter of creating complex and intricate technical drawings.

AutoCAD 2013

AutoCAD 2007

"Design, Visualise, Document and Share" AutoCAD 2013 software is the 2D drafting, detailing and 3D design tool for designer professionals in all industries.

AutoCAD 2007 builds on previous releases to combine the integrity and familiarity of 2D with the power of 3D conceptual design and visualization.


Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 Essentials

Autodesk Revit 2013

This unique new Autodesk Official Training Guide thoroughly covers the fundamentals of Revit Architecture. The fast, focused guide teaches you everything you need to become quickly productive with the software, including how to best use the interface, create floor plans, add content, prepare documentation, annotate, and more. Each chapter features compelling, full-color screenshots to illustrate tutorial steps and concludes with a related and more open-ended project to further reinforce the lessons.

3Ds Max 2013 Essentials

3ds Max 2013

Beginning users of this popular 3D animation and effects software will find everything they need for a thorough understanding of the software's key features and functions in this colorful guide. The authors break down the complexities of learning 3D software and get you going right away with interesting, job-related projects. You'll learn the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, visualization, and visual effects with 3ds Max, exploring the methods and why they are used as they are.

Achieve photo-realistic results for product designs, marketing launches, virtual building layouts, or corporate presentations with 3ds Max




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