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To download a zip file with the programs simply Right Click on the title then select "Save Target As".

TypeTitleDescriptionCommand To Activate
LSP2nd Line DimensionAdds a second line to selected dimensionsstl
LSPArc2CircConverts an arc into a full circlea2c
LSPblockrandomMakes selected entities into a block with a randomly designated name (ie in one command you can quickly make a block)bg
LSPdelshapeThis routine deletes all shapes in the drawing that do not have a file definition.delshape
LSPdimsetSets selected dimension / leader as the current dimension style.dimset
LSPm2sConverts a mesh / surface into a solid m2s
LSPNastyGood for April Fools Day! Every time the CAD Operator tries to use "E" as a command lots of random circles appear and it is very hard to escape!!!!e
LSPNotMeLispWhen the activated a warning box appears.  The lisp can easily be modified so that the alert reads whatever you want!nm
LSPOpenExternalFileAutocad opens an external file - you simply put in the path...pip
LSPpljoinJoins line segments into one polyline. This is a popular little routine and very useful.pljoin
LSPRodEndCreates a Rod-End from two linesrcut
LSPSave_ViewsAllows you to export all views from one drawing to a file so that you can import them into a second drawing.save_views
LSPset_txt_stySets the text style that the user selects as the current text stylegd
VLXspl2plConverts selected splines into polylinesspl2pl
LSPtotarcAdds up all of the line and arc lengths selectedtotarc
LSPEqui_Space_TextEqually spaces selected text ts

These programs are supplied with good will by Hercule Design.  You use these programs at your own risk - Hercule Design has no responsibility over the functionality or possible errors caused by or held within them. 


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